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Beware Generics – Levitra

Dangers of Cheaper LEVITRA®: Generic Drugs Available Online

Telemedicine is playing an important role in lowering health care cost around the world. The development of the internet and government regulations has made it more affordable and safer to obtain licensed prescription medications online. However, the evolution of the internet has also allowed unsafe, unregulated generic medications to have a greater exposure in the market. Typically a generic medication is not always bad, however in this case, there has been no LEVITRA® generic FDA approved or regulated.

Unfortunately we are well aware of sites offering and marketing generic LEVITRA® at extremely low prices, which creates confusion for customers. These sites offer LEVITRA® generics that are imported from overseas in countries such as India, Mexico or China. The tablets are not manufactured in the US or by Bayer, LEVITRA’s® manufacturer. It is unknown what ingredients are used to make these tablets, which can make them unsafe. Please be very wary of any site offering generics or soft tabs.

Kwikmed obtains our inventory directly from each manufacturer in the US. We sell only FDA Approved and regulated LEVITRA®. Take a look at the below examples of some LEVITRA® Myths vs Facts.





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