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About Us

KwikMed is licensed by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to facilitate the prescribing of FDA-approved genuine generics, Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra®, Propecia®, and hormone-based contraceptives online. KwikMed offers its patients expert medical advice, complete confidentially, and lower costs when treating sensitive medical issues.

KwikMed’s licensed Physicians establish a physician-patient relationship with all individuals seeking KwikMed’s medical services using a physician-approved online diagnostic assessment, audio or video consultation and interactive follow up communication when necessary. In order to provide the most comprehensive health care solutions available, we facilitate a video consultation between patients and physicians.

Our mission is to provide high-quality healthcare services safely, conveniently and confidentially, to consumers who want to take control of their health, save time, save money, and choose to have health care delivered to them via the internet.

Operating since 2001, we are proud to have served more than 300,000 consumers. All of our medications are sourced from respected pharmaceutical companies that have been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. We track the pedigree of every pill we dispense so you can be sure the medications you purchase from us are authentic and properly branded. KwikMed is fully HIPAA-compliant and promises absolute confidentiality and privacy. Our database of customers is NOT made available to any third party company.

Some states require there to be a video interaction between doctor and patient when we prescribe medications on the internet. Our video solution allows you to speak directly with one of our physicians and to ask any question you may have about your health care.

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