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KwikMed’s Online Patient Diagnosis Endorsed as a Safe and Confidential Alternative by Mayo Clinic Proceedings Article

KwikMed Launches New Web Site to Better Serve Consumers With Online Delivery of Healthcare


This week at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, KwikMed CEO Peter Ax will be speaking on the Pharmacy & Medication Management breakout panel about the shift of healthcare to the online space and a new model for more convenient and effective patient care. According to an Aug. 1, 2008 Mayo Clinic Proceedings article, KwikMed’s healthcare model is safer than traditional medicine as it pertains to conditions that can be treated without the need for an in-person doctor visit. As the only online healthcare service granted regulatory approval to prescribe and deliver FDA-approved medications, KwikMed (www.kwikmed.com) is an agent of change creating new channels for healthcare delivery and increasing patient options and privacy.

An estimated 20 percent of all physician office visits are unnecessary because certain ailments do not need to be diagnosed or treated in person, according to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings article. KwikMed addresses this problem by conducting an extensive, interactive, online assessment for each patient seeking treatment, which is often far more thorough than a traditional face-to-face consultation conducted by a doctor.

On the heels of this research, KwikMed today announces a new Web site aimed at better serving consumers who want a convenient way to handle certain sensitive health issues privately. The Web site offers consumers a more informative and user-friendly way to obtain legitimate, safe and confidential healthcare and FDA-approved prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and smoking addiction.

“Patients can rely on KwikMed because it protects their privacy and they can take a more active role in their healthcare without the hassle of scheduling and driving to the doctor’s office,” said KwikMed CEO Peter Ax. “KwikMed is a safe, proven healthcare channel that expands patient options and empowers consumers to take control of their personal health.”

At KwikMed, patients can be assured they are purchasing authentic, safe and properly manufactured medicines in the United States. The company is regulated by the Utah State Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing and other governing bodies and its transparency of operations offers extraordinary visibility into the quality of patient care.

“The Internet is quickly becoming an important platform for healthcare communications,” said Dr. Mark Munger of the University of Utah. “The online delivery of healthcare is in high demand as it empowers patients to make important decisions about their health.”

New Web Site Gives Consumers a Safe and Convenient Service:

— Unique Diagnostic Medical Assessment Software — A detailed patient medical history which is reviewed by KwikMed physicians and pharmacists, producing a comprehensive patient history file.
— Convenient Navigation — The ability to easily register and place
prescription orders, and to learn about new FDA-approved medications
available on KwikMed by way of a convenient and resourceful layout.
— Patients can take advantage of secure email to correspond with their KwikMed physician.
— Patients can track their medicine purchases using their KwikMed account.
— Patients establish an electronic medical record on KwikMed which can be forwarded to their personal physician.
— Safe, Confidential and Succinct Ordering — An easy four-step process outlined for users on the KwikMed home page:
1. Select a medication and quantity or select a lab test
2. Register if you are a new customer, or login
3. Complete the free online consultation
4. Check out
— Beta Lab Test — KwikMed is preparing to make available to consumers the ability to take various laboratory tests including STD testing, cholesterol testing, and drug screening testing.

KwikMed plans to expand its catalog of healthcare services and FDA-approved prescription medications. For more information go to www.KwikMed.com.

See KwikMed CEO Peter Ax speak at Health 2.0, at the Marriot Hotel in San Francisco on the Pharmacy & Medication Management breakout panel on Thursday, October 23 at 2:30 pm.

About KwikMed

KwikMed is the only online healthcare service granted regulatory approval to prescribe and deliver FDA-approved medications. Backed by fully licensed doctors and pharmacists, KwikMed’s extensive interactive online interview is often far more thorough than a traditional face-to-face consultation with a doctor allowing KwikMed to treat conditions and diseases that can be safely managed without a face-to-face office visit with a physician. KwikMed’s revolutionary approach is creating a new channel for healthcare delivery, expanding patient options and increasing personal control. Based in Utah and regulated by the Utah State Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing, KwikMed is wholly owned by Phoenix Capital Management of Phoenix, Ariz.

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