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Birth Control Options from KwikMed

Take control of your health! KwikMed has made it easy to order Birth Control.
Receive a prescription and have your Birth Control shipped to your door.

Follow these simple steps to order:

  1. Select your preferred medication below
  2. Log in, or register if you are a new customer
  3. Complete the free online medical consultation
  4. Checkout

Upon checkout, your order will be reviewed by a KwikMed physician. If approved, your credit card will be charged (or payment confirmed) and your product will be shipped in confidential packaging via FedEx or USPS. Please note: An adult signature is required if Fedex is selected as shipping carrier.

Purchase of this product includes free USPS First Class Shipping.

  • USPS First Class Mail: Typically arrives in 3-5 business days
  • FedEx Next Day: Typically arrives next business day (signature required)
  • USPS Priority Mail: Typically arrives in 3-5 business days (for U.S. Territories only)

These states require a video consultation (click here to learn more):
Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, West Virginia