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Are You at Risk for Getting Chlamydia?

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An estimated one million people are affected by a form of Chlamydia, could you be at risk?

Risk Factors for Sexually Transmitted Chlamydia
A screening test for Chlamydia is recommended yearly and is especially important for women under 25 years of age and women over 25 who have new or multiple sexual partners. When a relationship ends, it is also a good time to be tested for STIs and STDs so that you know you will be healthy when you find a new partner.

Sexually active young women
Female teens and young adults (between the ages of 15-25) who are sexually active are at the highest risk of becoming infected with Chlamydia. This is due to the fact that the cervix in women in this age group is not yet fully matured and is therefore more susceptible to infection. A 2009 report revealed that less than half of the people in this high risk group are screened.

Multiple sexual partners
If you have had multiple sexual partners, you run a higher risk of becoming infected. With Chlamydia infections the highest of all STI’s, it’s more likely that you will come in contact with someone who is infected, especially since more than half of the people who have it are totally unaware that they are infected.

Having sex without a condom
Chlamydia is spread through direct contact with genital tissues and bodily fluids. When you do not use protection during sex, you take away your safety barrier and provide this highly contagious bacteria with a clear path to travel.