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Microgestin Birth Control

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Microgestin Birth Control

You may have heard it described as many things, but oral contraceptives i.e. “the pill” is an extremely popular method for protecting against unplanned pregnancy. The success rates are very high with the best birth control pills when taken correctly. Statistically speaking, of every 100 women taking the pill each year, 5 will become pregnant. The majority of pregnancies which occur while taking Microgestin birth control, or any other oral contraceptive pill, happen when one or more doses are missed. When these pills are skipped there may be a break in coverage and pregnancy could result during this time if a non-hormonal back up method of birth control is not utilized.


Best Birth Control

There is no one birth control method that can be dubbed the best birth control because no two women have the same bodies. For some women, a combination pill containing estrogen and progestin may not be a correct fit and for others, a progestin only pill (the mini-pill) might be the best choice. In general however the best birth control pills for those not sensitive to estrogen are combination pills. Microgestin is a combination pill because it contains the two active hormones that cause changes in the body which make pregnancy less likely. The body becomes less hospitable for sperm by thickening the cervical mucus while the lining of the uterus is thickened making implantation difficult.

Microgestin Acne

While the majority of women take Microgestin birth control for pregnancy prevention, combination pills are also used to fight moderate acne for some women. Microgestin acne medication has been shown to help clear current skin issues while preventing many future breakouts from occurring. Compared to other similar medications, Microgestin price is competitive. In addition to noticing clearer skin, many women also report shorter, lighter and more predictable periods. Side effects of Microgestin birth control are more serious for those who smoke cigarettes and are at least 35 years old. These could be life threatening and could include stroke or blood clots. Women who smoke are discouraged from taking any hormonal birth control pills as this is a standard side effect.


Microgestin is also a popular medication for women who are looking to regulate their menstrual cycles. The best birth control pill for you will be the one you remember to take at the same time each day. The biggest reason that unplanned pregnancies happen while women are on the pill is because they forget several doses or do not take Microgestin at the same time each day. If you are concerned about Microgestin cost, you can always buy your medication online. It’s important to be sure you are ordering from a legit pharmacy however. Never take Microgestin birth control without a prescription.


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