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Erectile Dysfunction: Levitra®

In the United States, it is estimated that more than 18 million men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction “ED” also known as impotence. Many experts believe this number is actually much higher but it is difficult to obtain accurate estimated because many men are too embarrasses to discuss problems related to their erections with doctors in a face to face setting. According to a MedicineNet Health research survey report, that the majority of Levitra® prescriptions are written by Family Doctors, followed by Urologists. Numerous men feel uncomfortable explaining their Sexual Dysfunction with a family doctor.

Some men believe that Erectile Dysfunction “ED” or impotence is an uncommon condition; it is actually just the opposite. It is believed up to half of men over the age of 40 have some degree of Erectile Dysfunction “ED”, but impotence also can affect much younger men. Many men are too embarrassed to even ask for help. A 2004 study indicated that only 13% of the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence) are actually being treated. Erectile Dysfunction was once considered a problem “in the mind” of men, and over time the sexually dysfunction would just go away. That belief is not true; doctors have evidence that physical conditions do exist that cause erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Levitra® was created to prevent erectile dysfunction from affecting your sexual health. Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) is caused by lack of blood flow moving through the arteries of the penis. When a patient consumes Levitra®, it allows more blood to flow though those arteries which decreases the chances that the person will experience erectile dysfunction (impotence). The increased blood flow expands and hardens the penis creating a sustainable erection. In a large clinical trial, Levitra® proved to help 85% of men with erectile dysfunction achieve an erection.

Other health factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes can also lead to sexual dysfunction. If you have any of these conditions, there is a greater risk you will be affected by Erectile Dysfunction (impotence). Levitra® has clinically shown to be effective when those other heath factors are present. Several other conditions, known as “lifestyle” conditions, can also increase the risk of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. “Lifestyle” conditions include but are not limited to smoking, heavy drinking, stress, lack of exercise and depression.

Many men ask themselves, “What can I do to solve the problems I am having with my erection without the humiliating experiences at the doctor’s office and the local pharmacy? This problem is also affecting my relationship.” For many, the quick answer is to purchase Levitra® online. Unfortunately, many order Levitra® online without researching who they are buying this prescription medication from. While Levitra® has shown to be a safe and effective remedy for sexual dysfunction, you need to be positive the medication you are buying is authentic. Many companies do sell “generic” or “fake” Levitra®. The FDA has not approved any generic versions of Levitra®.

KwikMed.com is the only company that is licensed and regulated to prescribe and dispense Levitra® online. KwikMed.com only uses licensed doctors and pharmacists. After completing KwikMed’s online assessment tool, a KwikMed doctor can write you a Levitra® prescription online. Then KwikMed can fill the Levitra® prescription at our licensed pharmacy and mail your Levitra® order to you overnight.

KwikMed’s methodology for healthcare delivery can safely provide you with Levitra® and/or several other medications over the internet without the embarrassment of a visit to the doctor’s office or a trip to the pharmacy. If you have any questions about ordering Levitra® online or obtaining a Levitra® prescription to remedy your problems with sexual dysfunction, please call our customer services department.