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Are You at Risk for Thyroid Problems?

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While having your thyroid tested is the only way to know if your levels are healthy, you may have an increased chance of developing a thyroid condition if you have several of these risk factors.
Women are at a higher risk when it comes to developing thyroid conditions and diseases especially if over 50 years old. Men are also at a higher risk time of their lives above the age of 50.
Exposure to Iodine
If you have recently come in contact with surgical antiseptic of contrast dye or are taking any supplements for an iodine deficiency, then you may be at a higher risk for developing a thyroid condition.
If you have a diet that is overabundant in soy products and raw foods, it can impact your thyroid. Soy in particular acts similar to a hormone in the body and has been found to impact the thyroid’s hormone function adversely.
Family History
This may be difficult to know for sure since many people have problems that they never know are thyroid related. Check out the different disorders associated with thyroid problems here to see if you have heard any of these mentioned in your family history before.
If you are a woman, your risk is higher than it is if you are a man.
Left hand dominant or prematurely grey
While this may seem like a strange risk factor, being ambidextrous, left handed or having hair that turns grey prematurely may make you more susceptible to autoimmune type conditions.
If you currently smoke tobacco or have in the past, your thyroid may be affected.
Radiation Exposure
Receiving radiation to the upper chest of neck can affect your thyroid. Some studies have even shown that radiation emitted from microwaves can have a harmful effect.
Common Symptoms of hypothyroidism (insufficient hormone production)
-slowness of thought
-joint pain
-hair/skin changes
-weight changes