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Since the beginning of their availability in the 1960s, oral contraceptives (simply called “the pill”) have become increasingly popular. This is because the pill is very safe and affordable for most women. Trinessa is known as a combination pill. This means that it contains two active hormones, an estrogen and progesterone. The Trinessa pill is used primarily to prevent unplanned pregnancies from occurring. There are other benefits to oral contraceptives as well. Many women taking birth control write Trinessa reviews explaining how their menstrual cycles have become more regular, their skin has improved and the amount of blood lost and cramping during their period has decreased.


Trinessa Birth Control

Trinessa birth control may also be used for other conditions in addition to pregnancy prevention. For some women with endometriosis, a condition which causes pain, the symptoms may be reduced with Trinessa 28. It’s also been proven that women taking birth control pills are at a decreased risk of both breast and ovarian cancer. Risk of breast cancer is 50% lower while risk of ovarian cancer is between 10% and 80% lower. These statistics are according to FamilyPlanning.org. Other benefits of oral contraceptives like the Trinessa pill include lighter periods, lower risk of iron deficiency anemia and lower risk or ectopic pregnancy. Be sure to get your Trinessa birth control instructions to ensure safety and best results.

Trinessa Side Effects

Like all medications, there are some Trinessa side effects that may affect certain women taking the medication. Sometimes women will notice nausea that is typically mild when taking the Trinessa pill. Other side effects include tenderness of the breast, weight loss or gain, contact lens issues, discharge or decreased sexual drive. If any Trinessa side effects are prolonged or cause extreme discomfort, pain or any other alarming symptoms, stop taking Trinessa and contact your prescribing physician. It is best to review Trinessa birth control side effects before you get a prescription. You can also go online and check out Watson birth control reviews for all their products.

Trinessa Reviews

When you are trying to make a decision about beginning something new, like Trinessa birth control, it often helps to read what your peers experiences with it are like. Trinessa reviews are a great place to start reading about what you may be able to expect when you start taking the pill. Of course Trinessa 28 side effects and usability can be discussed directly with your prescribing physician. He or she can answer all your questions and concerns. Some of the most common questions users often have are, Trinessa how to take it and what are Trinessa birth control side effects. These can all be answered by your physician or pharmacist.


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