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Multiple Attempts – Levitra

Why it May Take Multiple Attempts Before LEVITRA® Works:

Did LEVITRA® work for you? Learn why it may take multiple attempts taking LEVITRA® before experiencing the medications desired effects.

LEVITRA® typically work for men the 1st or 2nd time. However, we are aware that some men may need to try the medication 3 or 4 times in order to experience the desired effect. An adequate trial is necessary before concluding the medication doesn’t work. Nerve endings and circulation may need exposure to LEVITRA® several times before the medication functions properly. It is recommended that the patient try LEVITRA® at least 5 – 7 times before concluding that the medication does not work.

When planning on taking LEVITRA®, you should avoid a full meal for 2 hours prior to using the medication. A heavy meal can interfere with the absorption of the drug and therefore decrease the effectiveness. If a patient does not respond well to an adequate trial, it may be worth trying an alternative Erectile Dysfunction (ED) prescription such as Viagra® or Cialis®.

Kwikmed offers the FDA Approved prescription medications VIAGRA®, CIALIS® & LEVITRA®, for the treatment of ED. It is not clear why, but some patients will respond more favorably to one of the medications even when the others were not successful. Take some time to view the video below. Our US licensed doctor, John Jurige M.D., discusses instances where ED medications don’t work for our patients.

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