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Chantix® FAQs

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According the National Cancer Society, tobacco use is the cause of 1 in 5 deaths in the United States alone. A 2008 study released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that 46 million U.S. adults were smokers.

It goes without saying these days that smoking is bad for your health on many levels. While many people who smoke claim they want to quit (nearly 70%), only around 40% actually try to quit each year. Of that 40%, the success rate is around 5% without help. Today there a variety of medications available to help increase this rate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chantix®

What is Chantix®?
Chantix® is a non-nicotine oral medication prescribed to adults over the age of 18 to help reduce the urge to smoke.

How does Chantix® work?
Chantix® targets receptors in the brain associated with nicotine and actually blocks nicotine from reaching them, lessening the craving while you are still smoking. You may choose a quit date for a week after starting the medication while others may quit after a few weeks, it varies person to person. Chantix® is commonly used for 12 weeks and discontinued at that time as long as you have stopped smoking completely by then.

When I am on Chantix®, will my urge to smoke still be strong?
It is still possible to feel some craving for nicotine while on Chantix®, however, it is likely that these cravings will be less intense than if you were quitting without it.

What happens if I mess up after my quit date and start smoking again?
If you still want to quit, it is fine to simply stop smoking again as soon as you’re ready and you can stay on Chantix® to help curb your cravings again.

Benefits of Chantix®
Chantix® effectively helps block the nicotine receptors and also offers a support group to help you connect with others who are facing this difficult, yet worthwhile, struggle.