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Tips for Living with Erectile Dysfunction

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If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, there are many things you can do to keep the intimacy and passion alive in your relationship while improving your overall mental and psychical health.

Communication: This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of intimacy which is often overlooked. When it comes to ED, both partners are affected and for that reason it needs to become a hurdle that you can overcome together. When communication begins to suffer, the entire relationship feels the strain, and ED can be one heavy burden to bear on your own. Talk about your anxieties, fears and disappointments with your partner and together you will be able to support one another and become even closer in your relationship.

Sex Therapy: While some couples would rather handle the situation privately, others find that seeing a therapist helps ease the anxieties of dealing with ED and makes it easier for them to cope with the guidance of a professional. Often it helps to hear that other couples face the same problems everyday and are able to overcome the challenges together.

Date Nights: Remember the first days of courtship when you went out on dates and couldn’t seem to get enough of one another? Go back in time by designating certain date nights where you both have nothing else to do but enjoy simply being together.

Avoid overindulging in alcohol: Alcohol is known to have an impotence causing effect. Those with addictions to drugs or alcohol tend to be affected more frequently by ED. Even if you do not fall into this category, it may be helpful to cut back on your normal drinking habits all the same to see of this has any correlation to the ED you are experiencing.

Monitor your cholesterol intake: Men with high cholesterol are more likely to be affected by ED than those with lower levels. If you have high cholesterol and diligently reduce the amount of dietary cholesterol you take in, you can help to open the artery pathways back up, which will result in increased blood flow to the penis.

Exercise: Exercise is not only important for keeping your body fit and healthy enough for sex, but your mind too. When you work out, the brain releases endorphins which are chemicals that are proven to increase your mood. Sometimes ED can be the result of lack of self confidence and working out can quickly help you feel more comfortable and self assured.