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Low Ogesterel Generic

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Low-Ogestrel Generic

Low Ogestrel generic is one of many low dose estrogen birth control pills. Hormonal contraceptives have come a long way since they were developed decades ago and one of the biggest issues women faced was dealing with unwanted side effects. Most of these resulted from the estrogen in the combination pills. Today Low Ogestrel and many other pills have been developed that are just as effective in pregnancy prevention but with lower levels of hormones. In order to switch from your current generic equivalent or to begin birth control you will need to consult with your physician. While the need for a pelvic exam is no longer a concern, a prescription is still needed for Low Ogestrel generic birth control and any other hormonal contraceptive.  


Generic Birth Control

When an original patent expires, other companies get the green light to make a generic birth control that will be equivalent to those currently on the market. This generic birth control will act the same as the name brand medication however it is typically sold at a more competitive price and may be more affordable. Low dose birth control pills are also available in generic equivalent medications. Even though Low Ogestrel has fewer side effects, it is possible to still have interactions with other medications. For this reason it is very important that your physician knows of any over-the-counter or prescription pills you are taking.

Low Ogestrel

You may be wondering are there any side effects of Low Ogestrel 28. Most prescription medications have a chance of causing unintended consequences or side effects. Fortunately, Ogestrel 28 contains lower doses of hormones so these are not as common. However, the most frequently reported side effects include headache, upset stomach, breast tenderness and changes in weight or appetite. Low Ogestrel 28 helps prevent pregnancy by making three main changes in the body. First, the mucus located in the cervix is thickened which makes it very difficult for sperm to travel up to an egg. Secondly, if the sperm and egg do meet, it’s hard to implant in the uterine wall which Ogestrel 28 has caused to thicken. And finally, Low Ogestrel also often completely stops ovulation from occurring. This means that it’s not possible to get pregnant since the sperm needs to fertilize the egg and if it is absent, this obviously has no chance of occurring. Low Ogestrel acne issues and other minor side effects may occur. Check with your doctor prior to using.

Ogestrel 28

Once you decide Ogestrel 28 or a generic equivalent is the right choice for you, you can then decide on the most convenient way for you to get your medication. Online ordering has become very popular. Care must be taken to assure that you are getting your generic birth control from a legitimate site that has actual licensed physicians looking over your medical history and health conditions to make sure it is safe to take Low Ogestrel.


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