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Smoking and Birth Control

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Smoking and Birth Control

At first there may seem to be no real connection between smoking and birth control but upon further examination, you will learn that the two combined can lead to some serious health consequences. In fact, birth control and smoking can cause some serious side effects for women who are 35 and older. For these women, there is a much higher risk for blood clots, stroke and even heart attack. This is why it’s advised that if you are a woman who smokes, you should quit before beginning hormonal contraception or perhaps you should find another form of contraception. We all know that smoking is not good for our health for a wide variety of reasons, so if you are thinking of quitting, it will not just make taking birth control safer but your overall health and wellness will improve.


Birth Control and Smoking

While smoking and birth control don’t mix, it’s especially dangerous for those who smoke 15 or more cigarettes to take birth control. A study actually found that for those who do smoke 25 or more cigarettes and take the pill, the risk for a first time heart attack is 30 times higher than it would be for a non-smoker. The reason that this is such a potentially deadly combination is that nicotine can aggravate certain medical conditions. Smoking and birth control pills combined can also be extremely dangerous if there are other risk factors which may include a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The clots that could potentially form from smoking and birth control pills may occur in the woman’s veins or even in her lungs. Online birth control purchase should be done through a trusted source. Be sure to always get one through prescription.

Smoking and Birth Control Pills

If you are noticing any symptoms, they could be signs of a potentially life threatening issue. These symptoms of birth control pill smoking complications may include things like extreme pain in the legs, calves, abdomen, chest or headaches that are severe and do not seem to let up for any length of time. If any of these symptoms are happening to you as a smoker, this is very serious and should be taken care of by a healthcare professional right away. Buy birth control online safely and securely through a trusted source like KwikMed.

Birth Control Pill Smoking

Many women believe that if they live an otherwise health life, that birth control pill smoking side effects will not impact them. Unfortunately, doing things like exercising (while they are good for your body) do not end up negating the harm you are doing to your body as a smoker. Blood clots can be deadly. It is wise to completely stop smoking before taking the pill. Buy birth control online today at KwikMed.


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