How to Get More Exercise Without Really Trying

By Rebecca Jones

It’s a fact that our society just doesn’t get out and move like we used to. Groceries get delivered, we hit the drive thru for everything from the bank to the pharmacy and we get dinner dropped off right at our front door the only problem with all this convenience? The human body was not designed for sitting on its butt all day. The more you sit the more likely a candidate you become for heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. The longer you remain inactive the harder it is to get your body up and moving again after all a body in motion tends to stay in motion so wouldn’t the opposite be true as well? It may feel that between the commute to work and the longer hours behind a desk you just don’t have time to get moving but there are plenty of ways to sneak a little activity into your daily routine and the best part is even short bursts of regular activity can have a tremendous effect on your overall health.

According to prevention magazine a recent study found that just 15 10-minute intervals of exercise a week could significantly increase aerobic fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance. The best part is that this is an easy fitness regimen to commit to. No trips to the gym no expensive equipment to buy you don’t even have to wake up early just make a commitment to finding little ways to work a few more minutes of activity into your normal routine. The following tips will help inspire you to get up and moving both at home and at the office.

1.The next time you have a meeting with one or two other people at work suggest that you take your talk for a walk around the building  not only will you all get some much needed exercise but you will feel much more alert for your meeting.

2. Replace your chair with an exercise ball. Not only will you improve your balance and posture but you will get a great core engaging workout.

3. At least once an hour stand up and stretch. Take this opportunity to walk to the water cooler or the restroom you’ll keep your blood flowing and tack on a minute of exercise to your daily total.

4.When you get home from work take a quick walk around the block before dinner.

5. First thing in the morning do a few minutes of jumping jacks or run in place. The activity will help wake you up and will get your day off to the right start.

6. Play with your children. The next time you find your kids in the yard playing ball join in the game. A game of tag is another great way to enjoy family time while getting exercise.

7. If you are watching TV at night put down the remote and change the channel manually. Better yet spend every commercial break doing squats, sit-ups or push-up. This way you can get about 15 minutes of exercise per each one hour TV program.

8. Don’t forget to make it fun. Dance around your bedroom when no one’s watching, walk to the store for a new magazine, exercise is about rewarding yourself with better health not punishing yourself.


There is no escaping it, you have to put in a little effort if you want to maintain your health and your waistline but that doesn’t mean you have to live at the gym. Small changes can lead to big pay offs so take the stairs, park in the furthest spot and smile because the new fitter you is worth it.