New Test Can Show if Aerobic Exercise Will Benefit You

By Emily Murray

Most of us can agree that being active is a healthy thing for nearly anyone, regardless of who you are but science and new research has found that not everyone has the same response physiologically to exercise. So is this something you should know about your body? Researchers are still trying to figure out the value of their new findings.

A British company is now selling this test and all you have to do is buy the kit and swab your cheek. Once you send the swab into the company you wait a few weeks and then your results are sent to you. Essentially it all comes down to genetics. Like it or not, much of the way our bodies deal with exercise and weight are handed down genetically.

The main difference in how exercise affects people is that many people could all take part in the same exercise program, go through the same motions and only a select group may notice an improvement in endurance.

The test’s founders have claimed that knowing how your body responds aerobically to exercise can help people understand their progress, or lack of progress in some cases.

While it’s not yet possible to use this test to understand particulars, like how blood pressure will be impacted by exercise, it is the very beginning of what could be a much more expansive type of genetic research.

The idea is that perhaps the test as it is now (which can be purchased in it’s basic form for $318) may provide answers and hope to those who are exercising with little to show for their efforts. perhaps a different type of exercise will be a better fit for them and this way they can make the transition without getting frustrated and quitting altogether.