The Friday Roundup

Brain-Eating Amoeba Fatalities Linked to Common Cold Remedy – Live Science 

A new warning has been issued on the possible dangers of using a nasal irrigation device know as a neti pot. This popular home remedy for colds and sinuses has been linked to two deaths in Louisiana after users filled their pots with tap water and contracted a “brain-eating amoeba” that entered the brain through the sinuses. This marks the first time that a death has been attributed to this organism in treated tap water; these amoebas are typically associated with ponds, rivers and lakes.


Why Working Mothers Are Happier and Healthier Than Stay-at-Home Moms – Time 

Maybe women can have it all. In a new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, researchers found that women who have children and work are healthier and happier than moms who stay at home dispelling the long held belief that a woman needs to choose between family and career. Also according to the study, women that worked did not sacrifice their children’s well-being in fact they appeared more adept at providing learning opportunities and tended to be more sensitive to their children.


Childhood obesity rates fall in New York: Hope for the rest of U.S.? – CBS News

According to a new government study childhood obesity rates are finally falling in New York City. The 1.2% drop mare the largest decline in a major U.S. city and according to city officials this roughly translates into 6,500 fewer obese children in the city. After decades of rising obesity rates any reversal is extremely encouraging and whether it comes from more honest food labeling practices or parental influence is hard to say but hopefully this is the start of a wide-spreading trend.


Marriage Rate in America Drops Drastically – Huffington Post

According to a new report by the Pew Research Institute, barely half of Americans over the age of 18 are married marking a 5% drop since 2009 and a 20% decline since 1960. Not only are more Americans deciding to marry later in life and unprecedented number are skipping the walk down the aisle all together. While it is  hard to say yet what the social implications of this trend  will be there appears to be far less of an incentive to tie the knot now than there was in generations past and with most legal benefits being extended to domestic partners this is a trend that may not reverse itself anytime soon.


11 ‘Bad’ Things We Learned May Actually Be Good For You in 2011 – Huffington Post

Before you go making your next New Year’s Resolution check out the Huffington Post’s list of all the vices that may actually have some health benefits.  From the new studies that indicate that coffee can stave off depression to the lowered risk of stroke now associated with chocolate it’s been a good year for those of us unwilling to give up our morning mocha.  Sex, beer, silly comedies and swearing all made the list as well and perhaps the most important message that emerged with all these reports just reinforces the old adage “Everything in moderation, including moderation”.