Weight Loss: Timing is Everything

7776406-plate-of-healthy-green-garden-salad-with-fresh-vegetables-from-aboveWe have heard it many times… timing is everything, and from what many have seen, the same thing goes for losing weight. Many studies recently have shown that it is not only important what you eat on a daily basis, but when you eat. Reuters Health showed a study where folks who ate an earlier lunch lost more weight overall than those who ate a later lunch. Most who eat later throughout the day will have more food in their system as they sleep, causing the body to work harder as you sleep, and not able to focus on more repair and relaxation, allowing the body to completely respond to healthy exercise and nutrition.

Be a Grazer!

A study by Bill Phillips, well known health and wellness expert showed that people who ate smaller meals a day (5-6) maintained a heather metabolism  This is due to the fact that, the more you eat in a meal, the higher your blood sugars spike, and create a faster drop. The more often you eat, with smaller meals, the better your body can process and metabolize, making your body work better, and more effective for weight loss. So eat away throughout the day, but eat smaller meal by grabbing the side plate instead of the main dinner dish to put your food on. You visually see a full plate, and the healthier the better!


Chris Haro