3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System for the Holidays

Green BowBy Emily Murray

With the holidays upon us, we are all busy preparing for family and festivities. While it is one of the most loved times of the year, there are some not-so-fun things that tend to come with it. Crowded shopping malls, full flights and lots of travel time expose us to lots of people and regrettably, lots of viruses and germs. While there is no way to guard yourself completely from sickness this season, there are several ways to prepare your body for the influx of germs.

Here are 3 ways to boost your immunity this season.

1. Wash your hands regularly 

Sure, it’s something we have been told to do since we were children but proper hand washing is just as important in adulthood. If you are traveling this season, be sure to wash often so you rid yourself of the germs that are often found at rest stops and airports.

2. Manage your blood pressure

With the stress of shopping, bills and entertaining, it’s easy to see way your blood pressure elevates.  Unfortunately, high blood pressure can result in a weakened immune system. Try and handle stress in the healthiest way you can. If this means taking a walk, writing in a journal or talking to a friend – take the time t release the stress from your system.

3. Don’t fall behind on sleep

Holiday parties and late nights are simply a part of the season but if you are going to be out late, make sure you are still getting plenty of rest. For the most part your immune system does a great job of protecting you but inadequate sleep can give germs the edge on your body.