5 Probiotic Food that Help with Depression and Anxiety

darkchocolate2In our world today, there is most definitely a pill for every ill! From Tylenol to Viagra, It seems that people love to get a prescription and take a pill to not only take care of a medical issue, but also to take care of every day issues that can be taken care of with a healthy lifestyle. For those who don’t like to take prescription drugs, there are many different herbal supplements, vitamins and powders.

One supplement that has been popular in the past few years has been probiotics. Probiotic supplements have been popular, especially with people who have to take antibiotics, or suffer with stomach issues. The fact is, probiotics are very important, and with poor diet and medications, replenishing probiotics is very important. Before you start downing probiotic pills and powders at will, here are a few natural probiotic foods that you can add into your daily plan that can surely help.  Another great thing about these foods, they can help with issues such as depression and anxiety.

1. Almond Milk
This EXTREMELY popular milk alternative is actually a great source of probiotics. Containing bifidobacterium, which helps with physical and mental ailments, almond milk on a daily basis can help keep you feeling good, and a healthier way to eat your cheerios. ūüôā

2. Red Wine
This most wonderful alcoholic beverage has actually been a great way to help with heart and stomach problems, and most recently discovered to help with mental problems like anxiety and depression. Let us of course not that with all alcohol beverages, moderation is key (Sorry, I know, I had to say it).

3. Miso Soup
I know for myself Miso soup is not an everyday meal, however maybe it should! Miso soup, is packed with probiotics, and is very popular to help with digestion, and can also be helpful in dealing with anxiety.

4. Pickles
Now before you skip over to #5, let me just say, YES PICKLES! Researchers say that pickles tend to be the most popular choice to help with anxiety and depression, since it is packed with¬†bifidobacterium. Don’t worry, if you don’t like pickles, pickled fruit will work just the same.


#5 Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is one of those “well yeah!” foods when it comes to aiding in depression and anxiety. Also packed with¬†bifidobacterium, dark chocolate, while aids in helping against depression and anxiety, also has been proven to help with health and stomach issues. And of course, who doesn’t like chocolate!

By Chris Haro