Angry Outbursts Lead to Heart Attack or Stroke

angerYou know that rapid onset of anger we commonly call “seeing red”? Well, losing your temper is not only troubling for your relationships (both personal and professional) but for your heart as well.

New research has found that angry outbursts increase your chance of having a cardiovascular issue within two hours of the anger. This is especially true for those who already have health issues like diabetes or who have had heart attacks in years past. This increase in risk in not a small one…in fact, researchers found that the risk of heart attack was 5 times as likely and the risk of stroke was three times higher in those experiencing bouts of anger.

The real danger of having a cardiovascular issue from one outburst may not be all that likely, but for those who frequently find themselves losing their cool this is a valid health concern.

The researchers concluded that per every 10,000 people having a heart attack each year, we can expect one heart attack to be someone who was angry only one time each month and otherwise had a low risk of heart problems. This shows that the risk is low, but still present.

Past research has shown us that anger takes a very physical toll on the body by increasing heart rate, blood pressure and vascular resistance. Over time, these issues take a toll on the heart.

For those with chronic anger issues, this may serve as a reminder that it’s best to get tempers under control before lasting damage is done.

Here are some tips for anger management:

1. For road rage, pull over and turn off you car for a few minutes before continuing on.

2. Take a walk.

3. Visualize yourself in a less stressful environment during your moment of anger.

4. Breath deeply and slowly from your diaphragm.