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Statin medications- what’s not to like

A category of medications called statins has revolutionized therapy for elevated cholesterol.  Prior to the introduction of the first statin, Mevacor, in the mid-80’s, therapy for elevated cholesterol involved several different medications with limited effectiveness and generally unpleasant side effects.  While the statins can certainly have some side effects as well, they are usually well … Continue reading Statin medications- what’s not to like

They don’t call it a waiting room for nothing!

Don’t expect that 90 minute wait in the doctor’s office to improve anytime soon.  Experts predict that the US will be short 200,000 physicians in less than 20 years. One analyst put it this way: “We now have an in-your-face physician shortage and no conversation about correcting it exists.”  Many feel that innovative techniques of … Continue reading They don’t call it a waiting room for nothing!

Easy on the sauce

 While numerous well-designed medical studies have shown that alcohol in moderation (especially red wine) has health benefits, the general affect on sexual performance is not good.  As Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth, ” Drink (alcohol) is a provoker of three things: nose painting, sleep, and urine.  It provokes, and unprovokes: it provokes the desire, but it … Continue reading Easy on the sauce

The Future of Online Healthcare

A recent gigaOM post by Alistair Croll discusses the future of online healthcare and specifically Google’s creation of its online healthcare records feature.  Croll points out that “Computerization can eliminate much of the 30 percent of medical costs that are due to inefficiency, according to Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute. … Continue reading The Future of Online Healthcare