Carnitine – New Foe to your Heart?


For the longest time, many exercise enthusiast and bodybuilders have been using L-Carnitine as a supplement to help in the aid of fat loss. Carnitine is an amino acid composite made from lysine and methionine, which helps transport fat into cells. You can find different forms of Carnitine in different supplements; from protein shakes to pills.

Carnitine is also found in red meat, and new studies have found that Carnitine could possibly be the link between red meat and heart disease. Many have thought that that high fat content could be the culprit, but new indications show that this may not be the case. What has been discovered is that bacteria that resides within the intestines takes Carnitine, and turns it into  trimethylamine-N-oxide, or TMAO, which has been linked to causing atherosclerosis in humans.

Many studies are still underway to determine if Carnitine is in fact a cause for such health risks, and how Carnitine both in red meat consumption and in supplementation may or may not effect you.  Stay tuned for any updates as they come in.

Until Next Time,

By Chris Haro