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Birth Control Hairloss

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Buy Birth Control Hair Loss

When taking any prescription medication, it’s possible to face unintended side effects. While these don’t affect everyone, for some taking oral birth control hair loss may result. The reason this hairloss can take place is that essentially oral contraceptives work by changing the hormones in the body. These hormonal changes help delay ovulation, or the release of the egg. For some women, hormonal changes can trigger hair loss if they have an increased sensitivity. This hair loss in women may be noticed while taking the pill, but it’s more commonly seen in the weeks and months after discontinuing pill use.


Birth Control and Hair Loss

Birth control and hair loss risk shouldn’t scare you away from relying on oral contraceptives however. When taken correctly, they are extremely effective and safe for most women. In fact, there are other health benefits which have been proven including a reduced risk of certain cancers and shorter, less painful periods. The American Hair Loss Association recognizes the safety of birth control pills and the associated health benefits. There are two ways essentially that hair thinning in women can result from the use of oral contraceptives. First, it may be caused by the drug itself which leads to shedding or it may actually trigger a genetic predisposition for female pattern hair loss. For those with the genetic predisposition, birth control pills and hair loss may trigger the shedding due to the progesterone content in the pills.

Where To Buy Birth Control Online

Since the 1960s when birth control pills first appeared on the market, women have been safely protecting their reproductive health with the use of the pills. Birth control pill side effects may impact women differently depending on the way their bodies react to the medication. This is common not only for those taking birth control pills but for anyone taking a prescription medication. For women who are 35 years of age or older who smoke cigarettes, birth control pill side effects may be more severe. These side effects may include heart attack or stroke. These are risks that can greatly be reduced by quitting smoking. As far as birth control and hair loss go, it’s not all that common that this reaction will occur. If female pattern hair loss or hair thinning in women runs in your family, it may be a good idea to discuss these concerns with your prescribing physician. It is safe and easy to buy birth control with KwikMed, as well as answering all your questions from birth control weight gain issues to how safe is it to buy birth control pills online.

Birth Control Pills and Hair Loss

If you are taking birth control pills and hair loss results, you will likely begin noticing the thinning after you stop taking the pills. This may be surprising but it’s fairly common among those who are sensitive to the synthetic hormones in the birth control pills. Conversely, for some women on the other end of the spectrum, hair thinning in women is actually treated with oral contraceptives. Some oral contraceptives that are higher in estrogen content can help birth control hair loss recovery.


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