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Birth Control Pills Weight Gain

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Birth Control Pills Weight Gain

When you first begin your research on oral contraceptives, you may find information regarding birth control pills weight gain. Nothing is sure to stop you in your tracks faster; however, this is not a side effect for all women. In fact, birth control pills and weight gain is in large part a bit of a wive’s tale. It’s been proven that women on the pill actually do not gain more weight on average than women who are not on the pill. Often what we think is a side effect of the hormonal contraceptives is actually just a natural transition our bodies are going through. For instance, many teens and young women begin taking the pill for the first time and this is when their bodies would naturally begin changing on their own. Taking birth control pills without weight gain is more common than actually gaining.


Birth Control Pill and Weight Gain

When you first start taking the birth control pill, it may seem like you are suddenly gaining weight. While taking the birth control pill and weight gain may be a real correlation, it’s more likely that your body is actually retaining water. Oral contraceptives typically contain estrogen (unless you chose a progesterone-only type). Depending on the quantity of estrogen in the pill, you may retain a substantial amount of water, leading to the perception that the birth control side effects are making you heavier. There are options however for women who want to take birth control without weight gain caused by fluid retention. It’s believed that pills containing around 20 mcg of estrogen are the best bet for those who want to avoid retaining water. Hair loss has been another symptom some have seen, so be sure to check with your physician if you experience any birth control hair loss issues.

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

There are many potential side effects of birth control pills that you will hear about; it doesn’t mean however that any will necessarily impact you. Some women may feel nauseous while others do not notice any difference in their physical health at all. More commonly, it’s possible to notice spotting or light bleeding between periods. This is generally one of the side effects of birth control pills that tend to decrease over time. If birth control side effects become troublesome, your doctor may recommend that you stop taking it or buy birth control pills which contain a different combination of hormones that may cause you to experience fewer side effects.


Birth Control Pills Weight Gain or Loss

While it’s more common to hear about birth control pills and weight gain, weight loss is also one possible side effect. Whenever hormone modifications are introduced to the body, changes can result and each woman is different in the way that her body will react. With birth control pills weight gain or loss are two opposite, yet possible side effects or oral contraceptives. KwikMed is your source for all information on how to buy birth control. Many birth control pills are available onlne such as Reclipsen, and you can buy Reclipsen online safe and secure at KwimMed.


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