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Changing Birth Control Pills

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Changing Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills have gained popularity throughout the years not only for their effectiveness, but for their ease of use. Since their creation in the sixties, doctors have continued changing birth control pills to make them produce fewer side effects while remaining effective. When you first decide to buy birth control pills, there are many deciding factors and many different options. The most common type is referred to as the “combination” pill. As the name implies, these contain a combination of two different hormones, a type of estrogen and progestin.


Switching Birth Control Pills

While you might think that the first birth control pill is the one that you will stick with, switching birth control pills is actually more common than you might think. In fact, a study was conducted on the topic and found that 40% of married women and 61% of unmarried women have switched birth control over the years. Additionally the study found that about 1 in 10 women simply stopped birth control altogether even if they were not planning on becoming pregnant. There is no one reason that women decide that changing birth control pills is the right decision. It may be related to side effects, availability, insurance differences, relationship status changes or even cost. Whatever the reason, switching birth control pills can be done safely, but care must be taken to make sure it’s done correctly.

Side Effects of Changing Birth Control Pills

Whenever you make changes with the medication you are taking you are likely to experience side effects. Because birth control contains hormones that impact many areas of the body, you will likely notice some side effects of changing birth control pills. These are to be expected and should subside or lessen with time. If they do not, you will need to speak to your physician right away. Before even switching birth control pills, you will want to give your body time to adjust to your current medication. If you are experiencing side effects that is leading you to want to change birth control pills, they may disappear within the first few months. If you have given it time, you may find that the side effects of changing birth control pills are worthwhile in the long run.

Changing Birth Control Pills Pregnancy Risk

Whenever you stop taking the pill, you are potentially introducing a gap into the coverage offered by hormonal oral contraceptives. When changing birth control pills, pregnancy risk is elevated so it’s important to use a non-hormonal back up method of protection. Some of the most common are condoms and spermicide. Be sure to discuss how long it will take for your new birth control pills to become effective before engaging in sexual activity. Birth control pills are now availabe at KwikMed. buy Trinessa online, as well as other great birth control meds such as Generess Fe and Low Ogestrel online by prescription only.


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