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Generess FE

KwikMed Only Ships Genuine Watson Birth Control Pills madeInUsa

Generess Fe

When birth control pills were first created and made available in the 1960s, they were a bit different from what we now know as “the pill.” These original pills contained higher doses of hormones, which resulted in a higher rate of side effects. Today, oral contraceptives like Generess Fe are what are known as “low-dose” birth control pills. This simply means that these are birth control pills which are just as effective as the original however they have a lower amount of hormones. Generess Fe birth control also varied from the original type of birth control pills since it is chewable while many are pills which are swallowed. There are 24 active pills in each Generess Fe pack and 4 inactive pills which mark when a period should occur. Generess Fe gives its users shorter and more predictable periods.


Generess Fe Reviews

Generess Fe reviews are a great place to direct your attention if you are still trying to decide if this medication is a good fit for you. You will notice that many women report having periods which are lighter, or last for fewer days. Often women taking combination oral contraceptives (pills containing a form of progesterone and estrogen) notice many benefits. These include a decrease in the amount of cramping or pain during menstruation, fewer symptoms for those suffering from endometriosis and fewer acne breakouts. Studying Generess Fe reviews (in addition to speaking with your prescribing physician) is a great way to see what others have experienced by using the medication. Currenty KwikMed does not carry Generess Fe Chewable medication.

Generess Fe Birth Control

Generess Fe birth control is available by prescription only and should not be taken without consulting with a physician first. If you have experienced breakthrough bleeding or spotting between periods, you may consider switching to Generess Fe since it is known to have a lower incidence of this happening. You may also be surprised to find that on average, periods last only 4 days when taking Generess Fe instead of the typical 5 to 7 days. Generess Fe, like other combination birth control pills, helps to reduce the risk of pregnancy in several ways. Often the egg is not released from the ovary (ovulation). Other changes occur which lead to a lower risk of pregnancy as well. Cervical mucus becomes thicker so that sperm cannot swim as easily to the egg if one is released. The uterine wall also changes to make it less likely that a fertilized egg could implant.

Generess Fe Side Effects

Any time you take a prescription medication you run the risk of experiencing unintended side effects. With Generess Fe side effects are generally mild. Some of the most common Generess Fe side effects include breast tenderness, appetite changes, dizziness, spotting and nausea. If there are particularly uncomfortable side effects taking place, speak with your prescribing physician or pharmacist. Always check Generess Fe ingredients as well and discuss with your doctor before using. A Generess Fe coupon may be available at KwikMed.


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