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Generess Fe Ingredients

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Generess Fe Ingredients

Part of deciding on a birth control pill is choosing which hormones are right for your body. In some cases, the birth control ingredients may not react as favorably in your body as they would for another woman. While you can sometimes predict this by looking at the ingredients, other times it comes down to trial and error. If you know that you are allergic or react poorly to any of the Generess Fe ingredients, you might want to go with another form. Generess is a combination pill which means it contains two different types of hormones. The active Generess Fe ingredients are ethinyl estradiol, which is an estrogen, and a progestin called norethindrone. The 24 ‘active’ pills contain these ingredients while the ‘inactive’ pills, which are taken during your period, contain iron.



Because Generess is a lower dose birth control pill, fewer women tend to have a poor reaction to the birth control ingredients. One great way to find out more about how Generess Fe ingredients impact most women is by reading reviews. Generess Fe reviews offer you the chance to hear firsthand what it’s like for many people. It can also be a good way to communicate with others when you are taking Generess to see if what you are experiencing is normal or to ask questions. If you ever have medical questions concerning how to take Generess or even how to get birth control in the first place, you can talk to your physician about the necessary steps. Generess Fe birth control is safe for most women to take and the birth control active ingredients may cause minor side effects in some. They generally will disappear or become less noticeable on their own.

Birth Control Ingredients

With the many types of birth control available, the main difference comes down to the birth control ingredients. While Generess is a combination pill, the “mini pill” (or progestin only pill) is another choice. Essentially, combination pills are the best choice for women with no sensitivity to estrogen. For those who are sensitive to estrogen based birth control ingredients, the mini pill is the only real option as far as oral contraceptives go.


Generess Fe Reviews

When you browse Generess Fe reviews, you will see that most women are pretty content with their chewable birth control tablets. You may read about some of the more common side effects including nausea or cramping. One benefit that you might come across is that the majority of women taking Generess Fe report having shorter, lighter and more predictable periods. On average, Generess Fe ingredients result in a period lasting 4 days. Be sure to research before you start using Generess Fe. Generess Fe instructions and reviews on how effective is Generess Fe can be found online.


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