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How Effective Is Generessfe

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How Effective is Generess Fe

If you are considering beginning a birth control regimen, or transitioning over from your current one, Generess Fe is one option you will likely comes across. One aspect that causes confusion for some is the idea of a lower dose hormonal contraceptive. It seems to go against reason that having a lower dose would be a good thing when you are looking at preventing pregnancy. In this case however, Generess Fe is just as effective as other birth control pills even though the estrogen levels are lower. When you ask your doctor ‘how effective is Generess Fe?’ he or she will be able to explain this all to you. Combination birth control pills are nearly 99.9% effective when used as directed. Skipping or forgetting pills can lead to a break in protection and result in a potential pregnancy. If you miss a dose of Generess you will want to immediately read the prescribing information enclosed with your prescription to make sure you follow the right action.



Generess is different than other oral hormonal contraceptives in a few ways. First off, the way that Generess Fe is taken stands out from other forms of the pill. Generess Fe is sold in a pack of 28 chewable tablets. Is Generess Fe good for those who don’t like swallowing pills? Absolutely! This is one of the most important factors for some women. No need for water, the pill can be taken discretely whenever, wherever. Also, 24 of these pills are ‘active’ compared to normal 21 active pills that many other brands offer. This is because most women have shorter periods (averaging 4 days) when taking Generess. A prescription is needed for Generess Fe and while it is most commonly recommended for those who are interested in preventing pregnancy, women with abnormal periods or who experience a lot of pain during their period may find relief. Generess reviews are a way to learn more about this as many users leave reviews of their personal experiences. KwikMed currently does not offer Generess Fe chewable.

Preventing Pregnancy

Once a woman becomes sexually active, there are several options that will help her in preventing pregnancy. It’s important to note that no oral contraceptives are capable of protecting against STDs or STIs. The only way to do this is to abstain or to use a physical barrier, like a condom. Preventing pregnancy is easy to do with oral contraceptives like Generess Fe. It’s unsafe to take birth control without a prescription from a doctor. This is because there are some women who may not be a good match for hormonal contraceptives. This is especially true of women who are at least 35 years of age and smoke cigarettes. They may be more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or suffer from blood clots.

Generess Reviews

Generess reviews are a great researching tool when you are making the final decision for what medication you want to take. Most reviews on Generess Fe mention both the benefits and drawbacks of the medication so this will give you a more detailed look into what it’s like to take it. Learn everything you can about Generess Fe before using. Learn how to take Generess Fe, instructions and more.


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