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How To Take Generessfe

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How to Take Generess Fe

If you have recently begun the search for the right birth control, you have probably come across many options. Today there are more choices than ever. While some of the pills have noticeable differences, others come down to personal preference. When it comes to different medications, how to take Generess Fe is one point that sets it apart from the rest. Generess is an oral contraceptive but unlike many others, it’s a chewable tab instead of a pill that’s swallowed. There are other differences between the pill as we know it and Generess Fe. Many of these may make it a good fit for your birth control.



Most often, the pill consists of a pack with 21 active pills and 7 inactive pills. Generess fe is different. Generess contains 28 pills but there are 24 active pills and 4 inactive pills. This is another reason that Generess is popular. Periods become lighter and often much shorter, lasting only about 4 days (the length of time of the inactive pills). Over time, many reported their periods became even shorter and were more predictable.

What is Generess Fe

A common question most doctors hear in their office is ‘what is Generess Fe?’ Essentially it is a combination birth control pill that contains low dose hormones. Many women prefer birth control that has lower doses of hormones since typically the side effects of Generess Fe are generally less severe than other full dose medications. What’s important to note is that Generess is just as effective in pregnancy prevention as the other higher dose medications. With Generess Fe bleeding between periods is also reduced. For some people taking the pill, this is a common problem.

The Pill

One more benefit of the pill is that its affects on fertility are completely reversible once it is no longer in your system. If you have been taking Generess for years, you can simply discontinue the use if you would like to become pregnant. Also, many women prefer the Fe tablet over the pill since it is easier to take. It doesn’t matter if you have water or not, you can simply chew the tab and be on your way. If you are still uncertain about which is the best option for you, you can always ask how to take Generess Fe in addition to any other questions or concerns you have related to taking the pill. Do your research before taking Generess Fe. Review how effective is Generess Fe, as well as Generess Fe instructions and Genress Fe reviews.


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