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Generess Fe Reviews

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Generess Fe Reviews

Before becoming sexually active, there are many things to take in to consideration regarding your mental and physical well being. When most women decide to start having sexual relationships, birth control methods come to mind. There are many options to fit into all types of situations but one of the most consistently popular continues to be oral contraceptives. Generess Fe is one popular option for women of all ages. While every woman’s body is unique, reading Generess Fe reviews will allow you the opportunity to hear from your peers what their experiences with the pill have been like.


What is Generess Fe?

With so many different options available for birth control pills, you may be wondering what is Generess Fe? How is it different than any other birth control pills? One of the most noticeable differences is that Generess Fe comes in a chewable tablet rather than the more frequently used pill that is swallowed. Generess Fe also contains a lower dose of hormones which cuts many side effects out while maintaining effectiveness. Generess Fe falls in to the category of combination birth control pills. This means that the pill contains two different types of hormones, an estrogen and a progestin.

Reviews for Generess Fe

Generess Fe is packaged with 24 ‘active’ pills, meaning those which contain the hormones and 4 ‘inactive’ pills. These are taken on the days when your period should happen. When you read reviews for Generess Fe you will likely notice that women report having shorter, lighter periods. This is very common when taking this medication. On average, Generess Fe causes periods to be only about 4 days long. You may also notice in the Generess reviews that women report fewer side effects than they have experienced with other medications. That’s because the hormones are present in a lower dose.

Generess Fe

Generess Fe chewable tablets are safe for most women and are highly effective in reducing the odds of unplanned pregnancy. Like other oral contraceptives, Generess Fe should be taken at the same time each day and no pills should be skipped in the pack. Even the ‘inactive’ pills are important to take so that you can remain on schedule to begin taking the ‘active’ pills immediately following the completion of your period. If pills are missed, the chances of pregnancy increase. Be sure to view Generess Fe ingredients and Generess Fe instructions before using. KwikMed does not carry Generess Fe generic.


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