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Generic Birth Control Pills Brands

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Generic Birth Control Pills Brands

When you first visit your physician or OB/GYN to discuss types of birth control pills, you should identify first what it is you are looking for. Different pills have different benefits and drawbacks so once you have a better idea of what you are looking for, he or she can help steer you to the right type and discuss birth control pill names and how they work. For many of these medications, there are generic birth control pills brands available making your medication more affordable while it remains equally as effective. If you speak with your physician and let him or her know that money is a concern for you, the recommendation will likely be generic birth control. Depending on the types of birth control pills you are interested in, there is likely to be a generic equivalent.


Generic Birth Control

So how does generic birth control work? Essentially the newer birth control pills brands are not likely to be available in generic right away. When they have been on the market for a little while, eventually the company’s patent will expire which allows other birth control pills brands to develop a similar medication under a different name. Even if your doctor prescribes types of birth control pills that are name brand, if he allows for a generic to be filled in its place your pharmacist will be able to do that for you. Generic birth control is favored because in most cases you will pay less than the name brand medication and you are essentially receiving the same types of birth control pills.

Generic Birth Control Pills

Generic birth control pills come in essentially two main types – the combination pill and the mini pill. The combination pill contains two different hormones (estrogen and progestin) while the mini pill contains only one (progestin). Some women have sensitivity to estrogen and therefore the mini pill is the only option. For women who are not bothered by either hormone, the combination types of birth control pills are a better option. If you have a pill in mind that you would like to take, you can check out a list of generic birth control pills to see if yours is available in an off-brand name version.

Generic Birth Control Brands

While many would like help deciding the best birth control pill brand, it is individual for everyone. Women’s bodies are not all the same otherwise there wouldn’t be so many types and birth control pills brands available. If you try one generic birth control pills brands and you are not satisfied, you can always talk to your physician about safely transitioning over the another kind of medication that may be a better fit. Online birth control is available at Kwikmed. We carry many birth control pills such as Low Ogestrel and Mononessa 28. All medication is available by prescription.


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