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Low Ogesterel Weight Gain

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Low Ogestrel Weight Gain

When it comes to choosing a birth control method, it’s a very personal choice. The main use for the pill is of course for pregnancy prevention however low Ogestrel acne treatment is often effective in reducing acne breakouts as well. For teens who are suffering from moderate acne, Low Ogestrel side effects may reduce skin blemishes.  Low Ogestrel tablets are available with a prescription only, so all questions regarding Low Ogestrel side effects and other usage can be answered by a physician or pharmacist. In some cases, Low Ogestrel weight gain may result. A side effect of most birth control pills is a change in weight and appetite. These may not impact everyone but those who are sensitive to it may notice slight changes.


Low Ogestrel 28 Side Effects

Low Ogestrel is considered a ‘combination’ pill. This is because it contains two types of hormones. Side effects of Low Ogestrel are determined largely by a woman’s reaction to these hormones. For some, rather than gaining from Low Ogestrel weight loss may even occur. The most common Low Ogestrel 128 side effects include breast tenderness, cramping and changes in menstrual periods. If there are any side effects that increase in severity or become particularly troublesome, medication should be discontinued and your physician will be able to help you decide the next step for pregnancy prevention.

Low Ogestrel Tablets

Low Ogestrel tablets are popular for many reasons, one of the most important being that the medication is in a low dose form. This means that the hormones are present in lesser amounts, which results in fewer Low Ogestrel side effects while protecting just as well as the full dose medication. Low Ogestrel generic effectively stops ovulation or the release of the egg from the ovary. Additional pregnancy prevention takes the form of thickened cervical mucus and uterine walls. By causing both these side effects of Low Ogestrel, it becomes more difficult for an egg to be fertilized and implanted in the uterine wall. Low Ogestrel, like other oral combination birth control pills, is 99.9% effective when taken as directly. This means it must be taken at the same time each day and doses must not be missed.

Low Ogestrel Generic

If you are taking over-the-counter or other prescription medications, it’s important to let the physician know. While some medications may seem like they would have no impact on Low Ogestrel generic, there are certain interactions that you need to be aware of. Antibiotic use for example may compromise the efficacy of the pill, causing the need for a back up method of non-hormonal birth control. Low Ogestrel ingredients can be requested and viewed online at any time.


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