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Low Ogestrel Ingredients

KwikMed Only Ships Genuine Watson Birth Control Pills madeInUsa

Low Ogestrel Ingredients

If you are just beginning your research of birth control pills, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed with information. Essentially, there are two main types – the combination pill and the mini pill. The combination pill contains two types of hormones (estrogen and progestin) while the mini pill contains progestin only. If you have no known issues taking estrogen, it’s likely your physician will recommend the combination pill. Once you have narrowed it down to this, you will next decide whether to get low estrogen birth control or a pill containing the average amount of hormones. Many women prefer low dose birth control since it has fewer side effects. This is why the reduced amount of hormones in Low Ogestrel ingredients makes it a popular choice.


Low Ogestrel 28

When you start on your first pack of Low Ogestrel 28, you will notice there are 3 weeks of the same colored pills and one week that is different. That is because the Low Ogestrel ingredients, or active hormones, are contained in the ‘active’ 3 weeks of pills. The other week contains “reminder” pills which do not contain the active hormones and are taken the week that your period will occur. You may decide to begin this Watson birth control on the first day of your period or on the first Sunday following your period (you may still be bleeding; however, it’s fine to begin the pill). The Low Ogestrel pack will be labeled as a Sunday start but it will contain stickers with the days of the week printed on them that you may use to modify the days to fit your dosing schedule.

Low Ogestrel

Low Ogestrel and other low hormone birth control pills of its kind are highly effective when used correctly. Perfect usage consists of taking the pill at the same time each day. The more Low Ogestrel birth control pills you miss in a cycle, the higher the risk of becoming pregnant. There may be breakthrough bleeding between periods if this breach in protection occurs. You should always take your birth control pills as soon as you remember you forgot one. This may mean taking 2 pills in one day. If any more Low Ogestrel 28 tabs are missed than that, you should speak with your pharmacist or read your dosing information right away. It may be necessary for you to use a back up method of non-hormonal protection ( i.e condoms) until you are back on your pills regularly.

Low Ogestrel Birth Control

Wastson birth control including Low Ogestrel is widely available. You can ask your physician or OB/GYN to prescribe it to you or if you need a prescription, you can order from a licensed pharmacy online and have an actual licensed physician review your request. He or she will then decide whether or not you are a good candidate for Low Ogestrel birth control.


Low Ogestrel® 1 Month

Low Ogestrel® 3 Months

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