Fat Loss at Work is Possible When You Sit Less

leg exercise durrng office work - standing man reading at tablet in his office

Think of all the time you spend sitting each day. From getting in car for your morning commute, to sitting at your desk and then facing traffic on your way home. It’s no shocker that sitting all day is not good for your health, but do we have any other option?

Scientists have shown that standing more throughout the day will actually help you shed fat!

Danish and Australian researchers set out to see just how much better standing is for your health. These researches went to 19 offices in Denmark (a country where office workers all have sit-stand desks).

They assigned 317 people to either be encouraged to use the stand option more and be educated about the benefits or to learn nothing more about standing benefits.

The results after one month were pretty astounding.

People using the sit-stand desks actually were seated 71 minutes less each than those who chose to sit each day. They also walked about 7% more daily.

Of those who used the sit-stand desk option had half-percent less body fat in a 3 month span.

Science has proven that less time sitting is better for weight loss, but of course you can’t rely on this to slim you by itself. What you eat and how often you exercise has much more bearing on your body fat percentage.