Friday Roundup: Our Five Favorite Headlines

FDA OK’s Cialis for Enlarged Prostate – Fox News

The FDA has given Eli Lilly, makers of Cialis, permission to label their erectile dysfunction medication for the treatment of non-cancerous enlarged prostate or BPH. The drug can also be used by those suffering from both ED and BPH; the two commonly go hand in hand in men over 50. This provides a great new treatment option for those that are taking an ED medication and also suffer from prostate problems.


Steve Jobs before the Turtleneck: Early Colleagues Remember the Tech Pioneer-The Huffington Post

The world was deeply saddened this week by the loss of the revolutionary thinker Steve Jobs. While there have been hundreds of moving articles written about the former Apple CEO this week, the Huffington Post’s interviews with Jobs’ early colleagues added a new dimension to the coverage. From stories of bachelor parties to valuable lessons learned from the inspirational leader, these interviews give personal insight into a man who could be shy and funny as well as an aggressive and charismatic CEO and trend setter.


Calif. Pot Dispensaries to Close? What Federal Prosecutors Say –CBS News

California was the first state to legalize medicinal marijuana but now it appears that the Federal Government plans on stepping in and taking action. Supporters of medical marijuana are surprised by the change of stance by the Obama administration which had originally promised not to interfere with dispensaries in compliance with state laws. Already 16 dispensaries or their landlords have received notices threatening legal action and criminal charges if they did not shut down within 45 day. In Montana it appears that everyone wants in on the party. Recent dispensary raids involved agents not just from the FBI and DEA but the IRS and EPA as well.  This is very reminiscent of the Bush administrations threats to Los Angeles landlords 5 years ago and while many dispensaries did shut down many more sprang up to replace them. It remains to be seen whether the Federal Government has the resources or time to take on the medical marijuana industry in California or if these turn out to be more empty threats.


Monkey Brain Waves Move and Feel Virtual Objects, Study Finds –Bloomberg Businessweek

Using nothing but their own brain power two monkey have been able to move and feel images on a screen. This breaking news story is hopefully the first step in the research that will allow paralyzed people to regain movement and their sense of touch. Up until now any connection between computers and the human brain has been one directional but with this research we can now close the feedback loop and a computer can send messages back to the brain in real time. Within three years researchers hope to be able to create a robotic exoskeleton that will allow those that are paralyzed to walk around and actually feel the environment around them.


CDC: 21 Dead, 109 Sick as Cantaloupe Outbreak Expands – MSNBC

The contaminated cantaloupes shipped from Jensen Farm between July 29 and September 10 continue to spread Listeria around the U.S. and the CDC warns that the number of those affected is expected to grow. The ongoing outbreak already includes four strains of the bacteria and is expected to be the deadliest food poisoning outbreak in over a decade. So far illnesses have been reported in 11 states but officials believe contaminated melons have been shipped to as many as two dozen states. Consumers are advises to throw out any melons Jensen Farms and sterilize kitchen and eating surfaces.