Gut Microbes to Blame for Fatness or Fitness

Colony of bacteriaBy Emily Murray

The idea that our natural stature has something to do with our genetics is really nothing new but the fact that our gut microbes could be to blame? That’s something many of us have never considered.

It seems with the growing obesity concern, more and more tests and studies have recently been conducted to understand why some people seem to have no trouble remaining fit and others cannot seem to get in shape…even when literally their life depends on it. One of these studies was recently conducted in London and concluded that microbes in our gut influence whether we will be thin or overweight.

Researchers studied 416 pairs of twins and from more than 1000 fecal samples, they were then able to identify the type of bacteria most commonly associated with lower body weight.

The study of course must be conducted on a larger scale before the findings can impact treatments for obesity but researchers and health professionals remain hopeful that this new information can be used to help fight the obesity epidemic.