How to Feel Your Best Over the Holidays

Be Whole Be Happy ConceptBy Emily Murray

The holidays stir up a variety of emotions and memories, for most these are pleasant but even the happiest holidays can lead to stress. There are dinners to cook, parties to attend, gifts to buy, budgets to balance and lots of family time. This year, take time to enjoy the holidays and create great (not stressful) memories. Here are a few tips for feeling your best this season.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to a variety of issues and believe it or not, may also be a contributing factor for overeating and seasonal weight gain. Try and stick closely to the your normal sleep schedule.

Drink Water

In addition to sleep deprivation, dehydration is also terrible for your health. Not only will your skin become dry in the winter weather but you may also misinterpret your body’s need for water as hunger.

Take Time for You

With all the company coming and going it may be hard to get the alone time you need. Take time for yourself! Even if this is a small thing like a walk, reading a chapter in your book or a bath – you will feel much better pampering yourself.