How to Make the Most of Going Gray

Whether you’re a young professional or a more seasoned gentleman, noticing that first gray hair or the many more to follow is a reality that all men are going to need to face at some point. Don’t panic and start plucking them out, since that can be damaging to your scalp and contribute to hair loss. Instead, you need to start thinking about the long term strategy in this battle against gray hair.

Can Graying Be Stopped?

At KwikMed, we’re experts on helping men keep their hair through medications like finasteride (generic Propecia). Unfortunately, there’s no such treatment or magic that can stop the natural graying process, or even slow it down. Simply put, your hair naturally starts losing its melanin, which is what gives it color. The good news is, despite not being able to stop gray hairs from coming in, there are still things that you can do about it.

Friend Or Foe? The Gray Hair Style

While lots of guys panic at the sight of gray hairs, this “battle” against gray hair may not need to even be a battle at all. All that you need is a little bit of a change in perspective. Sure, having that hairstyle that’s full of vibrant color creates a stylish, youthful appearance, but it’s not something that you need to hold on to forever. Just think of how many times you’ve had to change your style through your life. Is your hairstyle the same that it was when you were a kid? How about when you were in high school? How about that time you just tried to try something different?

The Verdict: Gray Hair Is In

Getting gray hair is the same thing: something different. If you choose to embrace the gray and work with it instead of trying to get rid of it, you’re just taking on a new style that looks more experienced and sophisticated. Own it and you sure won’t look like an old man; you’ll look like a regular George Clooney. One way to use the gray hair to your advantage is through professional gray blending, which combines your natural hair color with the gray to give you control over how much gray you want to show at a given time. That all being said, a full head of gray hair will give you that seasoned Steve Carrell look. Learn more about how to save your hair with finasteride.