Love is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

By Emily Murray

Valentine’s Day stirs up different emotions in us all. Some harbor deep disdain for cupid, candy hearts and all the other “lovey dovey” things that come with this somewhat commercialized holiday. Others seemingly can’t wait to break out the batter, whip up some treats and deck themselves out in glittery hearts each year.

If you take away the pink cellophane, look beyond the chocolate and cheesy cards, you can see that this holiday dedicated to love isn’t all that bad. While most often you think of Valentine’s Day as simply a day or romantic love, it’s really a day to reach out to all the people you care about in your life – friends and family.

Coming up with one particular topic to write about today has been challenging so I decided to highlight some of my favorite Valentine’s related studies and stories that have made headlines  today. It’s a tremendous break from some of the normal news bits I see each day. Here are some of my favorites.

USA TODAYMinn. Woman is Donating a Kidney to her Fiancé
A 33 year-old-woman is giving the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to her love this year – a life-saving kidney transplant. A genetic disorder has left him on dialysis and now thanks to his fiancee, who he met on an online dating site, he is no longer stuck waiting on the 6 year waiting list for a kidney due to the generosity of his soon-to-be wife.

ABC NEWSFirst Kiss Is More Powerful Than First Sexual Encounter
Much to the happiness of hopeless romantics everywhere, a new book now explores the power of a kiss and what it’s future holds for the rest of the relationship.

NY TIMESWord and Lyric, Giffords Labors to Speak Again
In the aftermath of the tragedy in Tucson, Representative Giffords is slowly beginning to speak again. With her husband’s birthday coming up this month, a friend helped her videotape a special mouthed version of  “Happy Birthday to You” as a surprise for her husband.

TIMESeventy Years, One Card: A Valentine’s Tale to Warm Your Cold, Dark Heart
A special Valentine’s Day card is still just as meaningful to a couple 70 years later as the day it was written. They bring it out each year as a special reminder of their love for one another.

Now that your teeth are about to rot from all this sweetness, take some time to spread love to those you cherish in your life. Those who have meaningful relationships and the strong support of their family and friends live stronger and healthier lives. Sharing love and happiness is the one gift that costs nothing to give but is priceless to receive.