Mayo Clinic Proceedings Publishes Article About

Last week Mayo clinic Proceedings published a ground breaking article about KwikMed.  The article relies upon empirical research conducted at the University of Utah where researchers compared KwikMed’s method of delivering health care to traditional medicine where a patient visits his/her physician in a face-to-face setting.  The article concludes that KwikMed is safer than traditional healthcare.  The University of Utah worked on this article for more than two years and we are very proud of its conclusions.  We allowed the University to have unlimited access to our de-identified patient records; we were confident that the conclusion would be that KwikMed is safer and more effective than traditional medicine.

We pledge to you to continue to develop our technologies and to continue to provide you with the best possible health care available.  Thank you for your continued support and assistance.  As always, feel free to offer any suggestions you may have about how we could improve upon our healthcare delivery model and your overall customer experience.

Click here to view the article in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Mayo Clinic Proceedings and KwikMed.