Why Some People Remember Their Dreams

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroomBy Emily Murray

Have you ever wondered why some people can tell you exactly what happened in their dreams and others recall nothing from their night of rest?

Researchers have been studying this topic and have discovered that there is more activity in the “information-processing hub” part of the brain in those who remember their dreams than those who can’t recall them as easily. These findings were released in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

As stated in a news release on the topic –

“Increased activity in this brain region might facilitate attention orienting toward external stimuli and promote intrasleep wakefulness, thereby facilitating the encoding of dreams in memory.”

Additionally, those who remember their dreams in detail tend to way up twice as frequently during the night as those who don’t. This may also be what makes the dreamer remember the images and happenings from their dreams since they wake up with the dream in their mind and fall bask asleep again.

Additionally the news release claimed –

“High dream recallers are more reactive to environmental stimuli, awaken more during sleep, and thus better encode dreams in memory than low dream recallers. Indeed the sleeping brain is not capable of memorising new information; it needs to awaken to be able to do that.”