Study Reveals Yet Another Difference Between The Sexes

By Emily Murray

While it’s been an age-old ongoing joke that men and women are two totally different creatures, a new study confirms yet another way ladies and gents differ – their senses.

The study  revealed that women are better able to differentiate color changes and notice changes in odors while men  notice moving objects and little details more readily than their female counterparts.

Researchers from the City University of New York (CUNY) discovered these differences by reviewing literature full of research conducted on the senses of both men and women. The olfactory system is responsible for senses in both sexes and can lead to subtle changes in perception. Women are more likely to notice a smell right away than a man for instance. A man on the other hand is more likely to be distracted by a movement in the background while he is attempting to concentrate on a conversation.

Even when involved in conversation, the way men and women actually see one another is different. Women typically will switch from looking at the speakers whole body to their lips and then back and forth throughout the correspondence. Men on the other hand actually spend the majority of the time looking only at the speakers lips as they talk.

When it comes to colors, this study showed that women naturally can see changes in color easier than men. When this was tested it was discovered that men needed a longer wavelength of color in order to recognize the same colors that their female peers did. Additionally, it was more challenging for men to see the slight differences in hues between a range of colors than women.

Researchers stated that they believe that testosterone and cortex development in infants is what actually shapes these differences that men and women will experience in their sense throughout life.