3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Better Health

Today a court ruled in favor of proceeding on a class action suit by Consumer Advocacy Group the Center for Science in the Public Interest and consumers in New York and California against Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater drinks. It was first filed in 2009. The reason for the class action suit?? Alleged deceptive labeling and marketing for the drink that claims that it could reduce rise of eye disease, promote healthy joints and support “an optimal immune function.”

Though there are good points on both sides that explain why or why not Vitaminwater is in the wrong, but in looking at this, I see a lot of blame these days for individuals health issues. Now I know, as a cancer survivor, that there are things that happen that we just can’t control. There is however a great many number of health issues and heavy concerns as well as cost to issues that, if we would just take a different approach to, we could avoid.

The bottom line?  Our health is our choice, and the basics of taking care of it really are not that hard. It is like they say though, it is easier to say, and quite another thing to do! When looking at a basic approach to health, here are the top things I have found in the past few years that helped me to get my focus back and put the responsibility of my health on me.


1. Healthy Nutrition

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, healthy eating, no fun right? Well, the truth is, what we put in our bodies is just as important to our health, if not more important than exercise. But what do we do???? There are so many different meal plans out there today. Many follow the same principles, and some such as Paleo vs. veganism that totally promote different spectrum to your eating habits. I have been on so many nutrition plans that I have been called a  carnivore, herbavore, vegan, meat head, green-eating, grass fed animal loving foodie.  So what did I learn through it all? Don’t live in extremes! Just be you. If you like animal protein, then choose healthy kinds. If you like sweets, then look to eat foods that are more natural, than foods that are processed with tons of table sugar! We all know the rules, and we all know what is healthy, it is in our DNA. It really is not a matter of smarts, it is a matter of choice. Garbage in, garbage out. It still stands strong today.

2. Exercise

Now I could say the same thing about exercise as I did with nutrition. There are so many work out plans that it may take a full year to read through them all and try them out! From Yoga to Bodybuilding, Crosstraining to CrossFit, there are many ways for us to get our exercise in. The most important thing is that you are getting out there. Our bodies are meant to exercise! To travel, to explore… so get out there! Find exercises that you like and be active! If you are a recluse, find things you can do on your own time, and if you are a social bee like myself, join a group! Go hike, swim, lift some weights over your head… it doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you are active, period.

3. Mindset

If you don’t believe you can, you won’t. I know many people that talk about their health, their issues with weight or issues due to poor health, and even in knowing that they need a change, don’t do it. Why is this??? Simple, it is called will.  Nobody can force you to be healthy. Even with the government mandate for healthcare coming up here soon, you still have the choice to take control of your health, or do what you want until your heart gives up.  That sounds harsh I know, however, in our country, we have a bigger obesity problem than problems with homelessness and hunger. We are literally eating our way to death.  The only way to stop this crazy uphill slope of obesity is by making a choice on our own to be healthy.

Yeah, working out is not always fun… but it can be! Eating healthy foods isn’t always as good as something amazing bad for you… but it is worth it! You can choose what makes you happy… although you know in your heart, a choice to take control of your health, be positive and know that your are worth every effort to making you as healthy and happy every day you live on this earth will always be the right choice. Not just for you, but for everyone in your life.

What is your choice? Do it for you today.

By Chris Haro