Low Libido – Not Just a Man’s Problem

By Emily Murray

While we have all seen the commercials for erectile dysfunction medications, can you recall the last time you saw similar ads for women? While the emphasis is generally put on men, women can suffer from low libido and the consequences for mental and emotional well being can be just as severe.

How do you know if you are a woman with sexual dysfunction?

Some of the most common symptoms include pain during sex, inability to remain sexually stimulated and low (or no) desire to have sex.

Potential Causes

There are many reasons that a woman may notice a reoccurring low libido. It may be more of a mental cause like depression, anxiety or stress which may or may not be related to the relationship. Of course there may be physical causes as well. Certain medications may lead to a lowered libido, especially those used for the treatment of depression. Other medications like birth control pills and blood pressure medication are known to have similar consequences.


Of course treatment will rely heavily on the cause of low libido. Often if the problem is more of an emotional one, counseling may be recommended. One of the most challenging parts of libido for women as opposed to men is that the emotional aspect of intimacy is largely tied to her comfort and desire.

Foe some women, erectile dysfunction drugs may actually be  an option and often will be combined with testosterone treatment as well for those who have passed menopause. This is the best option for women who have trouble becoming aroused since is helps supply blood to the area.