5 Tips for Enjoying the 4th of July Safely

fireworksBy Emily Murray

The 4th of July is right around the corner and visions of campfires, cookouts and pool parties are filling the minds of Americans this week.

While our independence is certainly a great time to celebrate, it can also be a weekend of overindulging and accidents.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your holiday safe.

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Not only is hydration important in the hot  summer months but it can also help prevent you from overeating. While we may think we know what our bodies need, did you know sometimes we end up mistaking thirst for hunger? Be certain to keep nice cold water nearby this holiday weekend.This is especially true if you are planning on indulging in holiday libations.

2. Eat Normally
If you are heading to a BBQ, you might think ‘I’m going to refrain from eating today so I will be plenty hungry when I get there!” This is unfortunately a common thought but it’s one surefire way to mess up your metabolism and lead to overeating. Additionally, if the celebration is kicked off with alcoholic drinks, the last thing you want to do is drink on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat as you normally would prior to heading out to the party.

3. Wear Sunscreen
Nothing can ruin your 3-day-weekend faster than a sunburn. Not only is it uncomfortable in the moment but you are also putting yourself at an increased risk of developing skin cancer and premature aging caused by sun damage. During the most intense hours of sunlight be sure to cover your face with a hat. Even though this may shade your face, you should still apply your sunscreen as well.

4. Be Moderate in Your Drinking
If you do decide to drink over the holiday weekend, try and stick to the 1 drink per hour rule. You want to enjoy and relax but you don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself or putting yourself at risk for alcohol poisoning. Of course cabs are a must if you are drinking and needing to get home by the end of the day. The price of a cab is nothing compared to the cost of a DUI or the unthinkable accident that could result from driving impaired.

5. Watch Children Around the Pool/Lake/Ocean
Unfortunately, many children drown in pools and open water every summer. If your pool is not equipped with a gate, be sure to keep an eye on all kids at your place. With one small slip, disaster can result.