5 Tips to Getting Your New Year’s Resolutions Started in 2014!


It is that time of the year, the time when we look closely at the things that we want to start changing for the new year, and most of the time it is revolving around our health. Giving up smoking and losing weight are definitely at the top of the list for most resolution makers. I am sure you have experienced, or would know that as commending and wonderful these resolutions are, they are most definitely very difficult to maintain. Here are a couple of great tips to get you started on the right track.

1. Don’t spend too much money to get started.

One of the worst things people tend to do is to go crazy with spending on their resolutions. The beauty part of making a resolution for the new year is, you have the year to work out the steps on how you are going to make changes. It is in a sense, your resolution should more like a marathon than a 100 yard sprint. If you are new to exercising or have been gone for a long time, don’t go crazy with spending money on tons of equipment, gym memberships and other stuff. One great note I learned is to start with simple changes, and get some equipment for home. You can get great stuff like jump ropes, speed ladders, dumbbells and stability balls, all each for a great price. Start there, and make your way up as you make those positive changes and increase your healthy habits.

2. Be Transparent
Big changes mean you really need to understand why you have put yourself in the position to make these changes. Many times, these are not easy to swallow answers. The best method truly is to be transparent, and open for change. Get into a group, or find an accountability partner in which you can share your thoughts, concerns, frustrations and victories with! As Brene Brown writes, “Transparency is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change.”

3. Do Your Research
A great way to learn and change the way you do things or learn is by consistently researching your subject. If you are looking to lose weight, there are tons of great resources out there to help you with tips on eating right, exercise and focus. Just like in school, the more we focus, study and apply, the more we learn and become successful.  Don’t just make your resolution happen, understand how and why, so you can become more successful in your changes in the future.

4. Journal Your Journey
Learn from your resolution this year and journal your thoughts and circumstances. The amazing thing you will see as you journal is that you can literally see your changes come to life. You can see not only when your biggest changes happened, you can see the changes of your mindset from the beginning of the year to the end. Learn from your past, learn from step one and be encouraged by how far you will have come. The most inspirational moments come when we show ourselves that that we can do it, and then making it happen!

5. Have Fun!
But of course! Your resolution must be fun! It has to be if you are going to make it a change in your life. Find creative ways, ways you will enjoy moving toward your resolution and making it come to life. We are all individuals, so this has to be unique for you. Don’t just do what others are doing, do what works for you, and have a blast doing it. The more you move along in your resolution changes, the more fun you will have with it. So once you have your resolutions, Start to come up with a few things you would like to do that you find interesting to help you along the way, and get it started! Your journey is always better when you are smiling!

Good luck on your journey, and remember, you are worth every effort!

By Chris Haro