Anti-Counterfeiting Day and the Truth About Fake Drugs

While the cost of trademarked medications is pricey, cheap non-FDA approved counterfeit drugs may be putting your life at risk. Yes, they cost less but do you know what you are really getting when you order from these illegal pharmacies?

Today as we celebrate anti-counterfeiting day, the Partnership for Safe Medicines has released a graphic that shows what you could be ingesting when you opt for these cheap fakes.

Source: Partnership for Safe Medicines

Not what you were hoping to buy, is it?

The scariest thing perhaps about the counterfeit medication industry is that many of these pills actually do look like the real thing, it’s only when the ingredients are inspected that the massive differences appear. It’s estimated that industry brings in about $75 billion each year globally.  In a study conducted by the World Health Organization it was discovered that 75% of these counterfeit medications have either no active ingredients, the wrong amount or the wrong ingredient. Additionally, 8% had impurities and contaminants and only 15% had the right ingredient and right dosage amount.

With sobering statistics like these, you can see the true cost of buying cheap counterfeits. It’s not worth the risk. Make sure when you order medication that it is coming straight from the manufacturer and that a pill pedigree is available. This will trace the pill from production and you can be certain you are getting the real medication.