Chantix, Friendships, & Money All Help Smokers Quit

You can buy Chantix, choose non-smoking friends, join support groups, or be incentivized by cash as all of these have been proven to help smokers quit.

While Chantix studies have concluded that 44% of Chantix users quit smoking after 9 to 12 weeks of Chantix treatment, friendships, support groups, and money all play a part in helping smokers quit.

A recent experiment with hundreds of General Electric Company workers concluded that those who were paid up to $750 to quit smoking were still tobacco-free about a year later. This is 3 times the success rate of a comparison group that got no such bonuses.

Last year the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found that a spouse who quits smoking makes one 67% less likely to smoke and a friend’s quitting decreases one’s chance of smoking by 36%.

The New England Journal of Medicine also published a study that found smokers tend to quit in groups and that real-life social networks add to the pressure to quit and concluded that an environment of mutual encouragement and support helps when you want to quit smoking.

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