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Lutera Birth Control Pills

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Lutera Birth Control Pills

When you are ready to become sexually active, you have many options to consider when it comes to controlling your reproductive health. There are many forms of birth control, both hormonal and non-hormonal, but the most popular method continues to be oral contraceptives. Hormonal birth control pills are categorized by the hormones they contain. There are two main types, combination pills that contain estrogen and progestin and the mini pill which contains progestin only. Lutera birth control pills are categorized as combination pills because they contain ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. While there are two main types of pills, there are many different brands of birth control pills. If you are unsure which the best is for you, your prescribing physician can help you narrow down your options.



Birth control pills are highly effective (between 96%-99%) however; human error can make that percentage drop drastically. When you receive your Lutera pills, be sure to read all the prescribing information carefully. It’s very important that you choose to take your pills at a time that it is easy to remember. That will be the same time you will need to take it each day. It doesn’t matter whether that time is in the morning or the evening, as long as it remains consistent. You will take the 3 weeks of Lutera birth control pills that are “active” (or contain the active hormones) followed by 1 week of “reminder” pills which will be taken while you have your period. Once you finish one pack, you simply begin on the next with no break between.

Side Effects of Lutera Birth Control

Side effects of Lutera birth control are not usually noticeable. For some women, they may experience some of the most common side effects of Lutera birth control which include breast tenderness, mild nausea, changes in appetite/weight or other symptoms. In general, most combination birth control pills have similar potential side effects. Those containing lower doses of the active hormones tend to have fewer side effects associated with them. Some women may not adapt well to pills containing estrogen and in that case, the mini pill may be a better option since it only contains progestin. While the main use of Lutera is for pregnancy prevention, in some cases it may be prescribed for moderate acne treatment or to help abnormal or painful periods. Birth control hair loss has also been an issue, so check with your doctor before choosing your birth control.


Brands of Birth Control Pills

 It can be a little confusing with so many brands of birth control pills available. Basically once you have decided on a combination pill, your doctor can recommend a necessary fit and go with his/her preferred brand. Lutera is one very popular brand of birth control pills often prescribed by physicians and OB/GYNs. There are many generic birth control pills brands online, however get great products such as Lutera 28 at KwikMed today!